Reece’s Rainbow: The “Trouble in Saint Petersburg” Email From Hand In Hand

This blog will start with a small controversy, posting this email. It would seem that the illegal practices of Reece’s Rainbow, including posting photographs of children in orphanages and their medical records, is catching up…

From: “” <>
Date: June 6, 2012 1:20:00 AM CDT
Subject: Reeces Rainbow and St. Petersburg
Reply-To: “” <>

Dear Hand in Hand Families:

We are all indebted to Reece’s Rainbow for providing an avenue in bringing the needs of these special children to our attention, there are not enough words to express our gratitude.  However, RR should not be mentioned in your documents, home study, on the Internet or to anyone while in Russia, because your child’s medical condition and availability is extremely private and can be only legally displayed on the Russian data bank website.

Any information provided by Elena, Alyona or a volunteer about your adoptive child is absolutely unofficial, only after you’ve been registered is it permissible for Elena or Alyona to obtain information on the child’s health status and location.  If “The Committee” in St. Petersburg or the “Moscow Department of Education” were to get wind of what they are doing they would not only shut them down but worst case scenario face criminal charges. I don’t mean to scare you, but you need to be aware of the situation and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t mention this to you from time to time. Remember that we need to uphold and respect Russia’s customs and laws while undergoing the adoption process and while we are visitors in their country. These are their precious children that they are allowing us to take halfway around the world never be seen again, and when considering the “alleged” scandals and atrocities perpetrated against Russian adoptees that have occurred here in this country, they are justified in their skepticism and in the demands that they place upon us no matter how nonsensical they may seem to us as Americans.

By know you’ve all heard about the problems that we are dealing with in St. Petersburg.

I’ve been dealing with this for two days now and it’s been very difficult.  Somehow the Russian’s found out about Reeces Rainbow through a Russian chat group (the details are very convoluted) and knew that a family was coming to visit their adoptive child due to the FSB button on their sponsorship page which I understand takes you directly to the child’s RR listing. This is against everything that I’ve been telling our families, the rule of thumb is that if you can locate a child on the Russian data bank through information that is listed on your blog, then according to the Russian government you are breaking the law and will not be allowed to adopt.

Elena has a meeting at the end of the week with the City Social Worker with whom until now Elena has worked very hard to foster a good relationship.  So depending upon the SW’s attitude during the meeting Elena has no idea if she will be allowed to assist us with adoptions in St. Petersburg, her advise is to lay low and wait until after the treaty is ratified, and to please make your yahoo chat groups and blogs private. RR has already obliged us and removed many children from their website.

I will be going for a short vacation this coming Thursday through Sunday, I will bring my computer with me and will let you know if I hear anything further.

Please keep Elena in your prayers.


?Susan Johnson
Director of Russia Program Families
Hand in Hand International Adoptions
Ph: (520) 745-1322
Fax: (520) 745-1343
visit our website at:

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